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Welcome to our family webtree

A little informations for our webtree.

Several years ago, I started researching in our family. Today the tree contains over 44,000 people - more or less directly related to the undersigned. The genus consists of immigrants from France, Germany, Sweden but most people especially from Jutland - the neighborhood of Skødstrup and Horsens / Skanderborg, Fredericia, Mjolden, Kliplev, Tinglev - and Lolland & Funen. The oldest ancestor, which is in direct line with my wife and children was Benedict I von Ahlefeldt, who was born ca. year 1290.  He was my childrens 18 x great-grandfather.

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Hansen, Hans Segalt

(in the menu it's possible to look at different photos, qsl-cards received in the 1970th, cottage with swimming pool for private rent and links to some videos on youtube).